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Thursday, February 05, 2015

For Whom The Belt Toils

Nothing like the belly-expanding variety of holiday treats to set off a three-alarm warning on your belt buckle ever meeting the feeble notches (that are CLEARLY punched there in error). Even now, here in February, the effects are still felt, especially when I try to stuff my 12-pack into my pants every morning...

This is where you need something designed to deal with that temporary annual girth - like one of those snakes that you unfurl to slide down a blogged drain to clear it out. Why should belts get off easy, just being one size? I say add a little expansion capability, to ensure that after you've invested in the dang thing, it can still do the job after the Christmas baking season.

Inventors?? Anyone? Apple iBelt??

Come on people, step up, I can't do everything around here!!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Or, just lose the weight? (Just a thought)Mr

ThatDanGuy said...