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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Irish Play Hits Audience Target

Liffey Players Drama Society 


"Stones In His Pockets"

"The best part of attending community theatre hands down has to be the community itself. One moment, you’re chatting with the Publicity & Media person. During the intermission, you might be introduced to one of the co-directors for another brief chat, or have a drink served at the bar by the gentleman who turns out to be the soft-spoken Artistic Director of the company. Never mind that you’re attending a play set in Ireland, in Calgary’s northwest Irish Cultural Society, and the drink you’ve ordered is a pint of Guinness. Nope, doesn’t get more authentic than that, I think - unless you’re actually in a seaside pub."

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Mrs That Dan Guy said...

What a tremendous play. A terrific story, great humour, moving and uplifting, and wow, 2 actors, over a dozen characters, incredibly well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this show.

ThatDanGuy said...

A splendid affair!!