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Monday, September 15, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by guest blogger...uhh..oh boy...Charlie???)

Hallo, hoomans!

Mah column may be a few days late, but ah'm as timely as a stopwatch!!


Watched "Behind Tha Candelabra" las nite - wut a grate movie!

Kirk Douglas an Will Huntin' - man wuz they ever tee-rifik as Liberace an his beau, Scott Wass-hiz-name. 

Ah got ta thinkin' - mebbe ole Charlie needs a little razzle-dazzle hisself, ta stand out inna crowd! 

So - TAA -DAA!!!!!


Personally, ah feel like it's a l'il over tha top, but ah'm pretty sure ah kin pull it off. Hey, if ah kin live in a mansion, drive fancy cars, an play rhinestone pinnanos - BRING ON THA BLING!!


Only thing, is, an can't feel mah arms. Ah can't even FIND mah arms, now that ah think about it...

Where's mah faithfool ahsisstent??

Omigod, ah cain't feel mah arms!!!


Cluck fer now, ah gotta dial 911 with mah beak!!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Well shouldn't that be totally natural for a chicken? Feathers? Hello? Seriously it suits you Charlie, although a bit more suited for a peacock!

ThatDanGuy said...

He has always been m ore peacock than chicken...