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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Negative Aspects Of Weed.

I'm not sure why so many people across Canada and the U.S. are wanting to legalize weed, or in some cases, already have.

In my garden, the damn thing literally chokes out what I'm TRYING to grow - and don't even get me started on my lawn! Those dandelions are a blight - A BLIGHT I TELL YOU!!

Why would anyone in their right mind want to encourage weed, instead of removing them when they poke up uninvited??

Legalize? We need to literally stamp out weed, thistle by thistle, root by root! Gardens shouldn't have to suffer trying to grow around this culprit that clogs valuable soil. Even in potting...

Just say NO, to weed!!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ya man! Say no to weed. I agree. I had to "weed" the garden growing up, and man, pulling weed after weed for hours on end, on your knees, a small trowel, yuk. Have people gone mad?

ThatDanGuy said...

Indeed - Mad!!