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Monday, March 10, 2014

Goldilocks Was A Brunette!

This is just starting to hit fake news sources, but new evidence is shaking up the worlds of make believe and fairy tales.

Testing on hairs found on the scene in the Three Bears' home shows that Goldilocks was clearly just a name adopted after a dye job - "Goldi" was born a brunette!

This changes nothing really. She still slept in their beds, ate their porridge, and left with their big-screen TV - for all we know she may have been Rapunzel out on a day pass.

Now, the dirty cover-up story is out!

Shaking up the world of children's stories today...



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh the horror! A brunette? What is up with that? Even fairy tales have their skeletons in a closet. What's next? Goldi will be found in some state prison doing hard time with her brunette hair now grey? Sigh. Is there nothing sacred anymore?

ThatDanGuy said...

How'd she get in prison? B & E's?