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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Miley Cyrus Hullabaloo

Much ado about nothing?

What year is it exactly??

Hello news shows - there are real issues out there that could use a little attention - just sayin'...

Twerking and nude videos. Those two dramatic arcs are keeping Mullet Daughter in the news as of late.

A few things spring to mind:

1) Nudity in music videos? What is the world coming to?? Perhaps none of the panting news anchors reporting this on TV have ever seen a music video before?

There are HUNDREDS of pop artists and not-so-pop performers that have delved into the promotional benefits of a risque presentation. If the pundits and worriers aren't already aware, it might surprise them to know that we are ALL nekked below our pressed, stiff collars....

2) Twerking? What will it be next week? The only difference here is that it used to be called "shaking your ass"...

3) Those were my points. Review. Talk amongst yourselves. Comment if you so desire. Just know that the world will keep on spinning regardless.



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

I agree. The best thing to do is just ignore it, don't treat it like breaking news. She is getting the coverage she wanted, it worked.
Ya, as for the "twerking" thing, I have no words. Sigh.

ThatDanGuy said...

If only we could ignore it :-)