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Friday, September 13, 2013

Bowling Me Over

Hit the bowling alley last night (not literally - managed to stay upright the entire 20 frames), and it is not at all like riding a bike....clearly not a retained skill set.

It was a team builder event to mingle with colleagues, so not exactly a competitive event. Good thing. You've never seen so many balls in the gutter outside of a toddler tennis match in a French slum...

Funny thing is, I used to bowl in a league! That experience meant absolutely el-zilcho when I donned my bowling shoes, and propelled a rolling boulder towards the assembled pins at the other end of the lane. It was like I had the hand-eye coordination of a cross-eyed lobster. Claws may have helped me a bit, actually...

The first game, I was lucky to break 100. A perfect game is 300. A woeful game is what my colleague bowled, barely getting past 50.

However, with beverages, food and friends (technically co-workers, but let's gild the lily for camaraderie purposes), it was still a good night out.

Now pardon me please - I need to put more ice on my hand, arm, back, legs and ego...



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Is there video? C'mon, I would love to see your cross-eyed lobster bowling action. I could use a good howl. C'mon. (you know you're getting old when....)

ThatDanGuy said...

I think every lobster may be cross-eyed - bug-eyed at the least!!