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Friday, May 25, 2012

Vehicles: Repair Them, Or Shoot Them?

Bringing my car in for some rather extensive work this morning. I expected just a simple fix when I brought it in last week, but discovered that my luck with vehicles wasn't about to bring about a simple solution.

Now, I have several hours of work being done, and another repair shop owner out searching for a new boat or trailer to use while out camping this summer.

The only camping WE'LL be able to do will be waiting by the toaster in the mornings, as we await the single piece of moldy bread we'll be sharing until we recoup from a mortal blow to our bank account.

Not that I begrudge these trained experts. I just wish they could learn not to do a jig while I'm still there recovering from the bad news...

Chow for now!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Yup, it sucks the big potato! Horses have got to have less overhead, no?

ThatDanGuy said...

Probably - and this car is no treat to clean up after...