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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Charlie has apparently taken the weekend off - rest assured, he will return soon, likely when I least expect it...

So, Whitney Houston. In some of the TV coverage of her passing last night and more on the news this morning, there was a spooky picture for people of my generation - 3 of the four pictured are now deceased and for two at least, way before their time. There was Whitney, alongside Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Liza Minelli - who is the only one left alive now, despite perhaps defying her own odds and demons to still be here at this time.

Also, I listened to a brief report from a "senior editor" of a major national glossy magazine, who had likely just pulled her pigtails out before appearing on camera. Sucks getting older, but sucks more when you consider the alternatives...

We are thrilled that we saw Whitney in concert not only before her decline, but before she steered towards musical styles that we didn't care for. Grace, elegance, and incredible talent.

Chow for now


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

So sad. To be so incredibly talented and yet so incredibly tormented. I was such a huge fan. Her last album was amazing. Looking forward to the tributes on the Grammy's tonight.

ThatDanGuy said...

Can't beat J Hud!