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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As an official old fart, I've continued to embrace my inner Peter Pan. I also embrace my bed pan, but that's a story for another day.

Last night, my past revisited me, in the form of a long-time school pal I hadn't seen in...mzmwdnbd years. Not only did the sunovagun look great, it was like time had stood still, and we had never drifted apart. Man, can it really be that long??

I may be Peter Pan with acute male pattern balding, but I could recall all the escapades we frequently enjoyed growing up back in Winnipeg. The stories were flying last night - even at our advanced age our recall and memory ain't so bad yet.

In a freaky coincidence, which continues to test my new "there ain't no higher power" theory - as I was picking up Mrs. That Dan Guy afterwards, a CCR song came on the radio - "Down On The Corner". That little ditty is part of a fictional recollection of that time in my life, in my "Nonsense & Stuff" collection. What are the freakin' odds of THAT timing???

Nothing is random, apparently. Well, except maybe that leaky spoon I keep grabbing from the kitchen drawer.

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Chow for now!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Embrace the Peter Pan in you! Most days I think you think you ARE Peter Pan! Old fart or not, the boy in you is dominant, that is for sure! Glad you enjoyed catching up with your friend and remembering when...

ThatDanGuy said...

Very cool - later today I may cook with my peter pan...