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Monday, November 21, 2011

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken....)

“Ah buleeve ah kin fly....

Ah buleeve ah kin touch tha sky...”


Hoppin' horny toads, I muss be dreamin’!!

Either that, or I should look fer sum pearly gates - I ain’t never hopped this high before!


Wut the cluck - wuz that a jet??

Haveta start watchin’ how many Tylenol I take, usually I’z only floatin’ if I gotta hit tha biffy real bad...


Funny, I can’t feel ma hands - oh. No, I ain’t got hands - but I think ma wings is gonna come in awfully handy up here!!

If I could only smell somethin’ familiar, to know that I’m still alive. Ma cigarette, a hot cup of coffee....Banjo Boy’s constant gas - ANYTHIN’!!!


Calm down, Chuck - this hasta be a dream. In ma vershun a heaven, ma sofa is made outta Marlboro’s, and these clouds would tasty like cotton candy. Soaked in beer. 

Sumthin’ ain’t addin’ up....

I’m just gonna close ma eyes, click ma claws together, and hope I wake up sumwhere familear. I’d even settle for seein’ Lozenge Head again....


Cluck. Fer Now. I hope...


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Woa! That is a very cool pic! Hmm, so was Charlie dreamin or is Charlie in Chicken Heaven? Hmm, not sure why I would feel a wee bit sad if that stupid old piece of poultry was gone? Dumb bird. Hmm, well, in case Charlie is only dreaming, dont tell him what I just said, his head is big enough already!

ThatDanGuy said...

I can assure you from the recent bird droppings, he is still very alive, well, and sloppy as ever...