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Friday, October 20, 2006


I’ve got little bumps behind my ears!! Is this normal?? Does anybody else out there have a ridge of minute bumps towards the bottom of their ears?? Behind the things, I mean - not underneath them…

Now, as usual, I begin to panic. Have these bumps always been there, and I’ve just never noticed them?? Did they recently appear as a warning that I have inadvertently contracted malaria from touching a grape in the supermarket? Or am I growing scales after foolishly stopping to touch that iguana in Petland the other day?? Why me??????????

Of course, I am getting older. It could be that the flesh behind my ears needs more sun, and it is dappling due to a lack of exposure. Or maybe I’m developing that Elephant Man condition!! I can’t go out in public with a trunk!!!

Calm down, man… There has to be a logical reason for these bumps. If I’m lucky, I’ve just gotten an allergic reaction to vegetables, and I’ll have to forgo those deadly buggers at mealtime…

I’d better run, see if I can get a better look at these things with some mirrors.

Hopefully, back tomorrow…

Chow for now!!

Sidebar: Much as I’d love to post these blitherings first thing in the morning, the site itself often handcuffs me. Today it has been particularly useless trying to get on and post.

My humble apologies. Wattaya gonna do…

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