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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What have I done???

INSTAGRAM: danst.yves

OK friends and folks - I have overcome 4 or 5 years of hesitation, and have decided to forge ahead with an Instagram presence -  mercy on us all..

I just took a few minutes to connect with a few familiar faces after getting past the endless parade of Kardashians and Jenners. I'll do more of that as I track you all down.

If you're on Instagram, and you'd like me to follow your site, I will happily do so. I will even have pictures posted soon, as I hope this will be one more place that I can bring awareness to the amazing acts that I get to connect with, see live, and review - so expect a LOT of live music pics!

Go ahead, don't be shy.

Don't make me have to connect with JLo or Miley, for the love of everything sacred!!!!

Be gentle, but don't be afraid! I'm honestly far more clueless than I look...


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