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Friday, April 03, 2015

Chicken Scratch

(posted by the regular contributor, in the absence of the weekend guest blogging chicken...)

I see that Charlie is working on his income tax return, so I imagine he has forgotten to post today. 

He may also still be pissy about getting bumped last weekend - such a diva!

Well, in the absence of his own writing, I will provide a link here to some of his classic Easter posts from years gone by.



Uhh, sorry - cluck fer now?


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ha. First does Charlie realize he STILL isn't the weekend blogger since today is Friday? Second ha. Taxes?? Charlie hasn't earned a sorry dime in his entire chicken life. Third ha. Looking at his March 22 2008 post, he hasn't changed one darn bit.

ThatDanGuy said...